Curriculum Maps and Overview Documents

At St John's we are determined to offer a curriculum which is rooted in high-expectations and ambition for all our pupils.

Our primary goal is to deliver richly connected knowledge and skills which are revisited and built upon, leading to high levels of long-term retention and automaticity. Our philosophy is predicated on research from cognitive science and how long-term retention of knowledge occurs.

Our curriculum is sequential with key knowledge, vocabulary and skills mapped out to a granular level, ensuring both the teachers and the pupils are clear with what they are expected to learn, how this links to other learning and how this will be revisited, using the spacing effect and linked to lessons in the future.

Through our curriculum, we aim to broaden the children’s knowledge and understanding of the wider world, providing academic rigour in English, Mathematics and Science. Our pupils should also have opportunities to experience and express themselves through arts, music and design, as well as participating in high-quality sport and P.E.

St John's pupils develop a strong sense of moral-fibre, understanding right and wrong, the benefits of hard work, commitment and reflection. We want our pupils to have great pride in their school. Our curriculum must therefore promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils.

Please see below for more information about our curriculum in each class across the year.  We are currently on Cycle B.  


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Cycle A whole school curriculum overview 05th Oct 2023 Download
Cycle B whole school curriculum overview 30th Oct 2023 Download