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Survey feedback

Here at St John's we pride ourself on listening to the children and parents in helping our school to develop.

We are proud of the range and volume of our pupil voice across our school as follows:

  • Class councils in every class
  • School Council
  • Spirituality Council
  • Sports Council
  • Pupil peer to peer assessment in lessons
  • Pupil self-assessment in lessons
  • Personalised Pupil Targets for practice of what is improtant to each individual child
  • Regular subject leader to pupil consultations, and subject governor to pupil consultations to see how things are in developing in subjects
  • Pupil involvement in designing & and reviewing the curriculum with the teacher
  • Pupils personalised approach to homework - especially the Learning Logs
  • ELSA provision (2 members of staff, daily provision)
  • Pupil Survey 2x per year

We are proud of our parent voice across the school as follows:

  • Parent Survey 2x per year
  • 2x parent consultations
  • 1x response to the annual pupil report
  • Open door policy - parents can talk to teacher / headteacher every day
  • Governors availability at special events to talk with parents
  • Encourgaing parents to become involved in learning events, curriculum opportunities, Family Tree
  • We have tried, over several years, to encourage the growth of a parent forum / parent council but there is not sufficient parental commitment to make it viable

However, we do not rest on our laurels! Here at St John's, we are always seeking to find manageable and sustainable ways to improve our pupil and parent perception of our provision. Please see the most recent Pupil and Parent Surveys below for our reasons to celebrate and for our determination to improve.

Please click on the documents below to see our most recent pupil and parent survey feedback -

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