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Here at St John's we operate a multi-layerd approach to Homework.

All children are encouraged to read at home each and every night - but we recognise that in some busy households this is not always possible so we recommend a minimum of 3 times a week. We encourage parents not to see this as Homework - but rather as a privilege and a necessity to share with their children.


In Reception (EYFS) we issue flashcards / number sentences.

KS1 and KS2

SPELLINGS: In KS1 and KS2 children are issued weekly Spellings homework. The number of words grows as children get older. We use a 'phased' approach to spellings - from phase 1 to phase 18. It is expected that from Year 1 to Year 6 each child should move through a phase each season, completing 3 phases in each year. The spellings each child gets are based on their own personal progression in spelling skills.

MENTAL MATHS: In KS1 and KS2 children are issued weekly Mental Maths homework. The numbers of calculations increases with the age of the children. We use a 'year group expected standards' approach to mental maths homework based on the national curriculum.

LEARNING LOGS: In addition to the weekly Spellings and Mental Maths homework we have introduced a Learning Log approach to homework. This is based on recent development is educational theory around 'personalised' learning and the power of 'collaborative creation' of learning journeys. This is not a 'end of topic' project approach as seen in some schools and in secondary school models of practcie. This is an ongoing, growing and evolving approach that allows the child to explore any aspect of the topic, in any form (personalised) - so long as they bring in their learning Log on a regular basis to share with others in their class (collabortaive). This produces some incredible learning and a real sense of joy in learning. Please go to the GALLERY to see more.

PERSONAL PUPIL TARGETS (PPT): Once a learning log period has expired we provide some targeted, personalised challenge homework to children. Every child has a termly PPT for Reading, Writing and Maths and two or three times a term children will be given the opportunity to practice their PPT to help accelerate their own individual progress.

VALUES FOR LIFE:once a term we issue homework for all children to explore, in their own personalised way, the termly VALUE for life explored in collective worship that term. Values such as respect, love, hope, justice are part of the two year cycle.

Y6 SATs: closer to SATs we also provide SATs revision guides to Y6 - to save parents the expense of purchasing them themsleves.

OPTIONAL HOMEWORK: many parents ask us...how can I help my child at home? We say that firstly they should read every day if possible, and secondly that they should help their child with their homework, and thridly that they should enjoy and engage with the learning logs their child generates themselves, through their own interests in the class topic. But finally, if parents want to help their child further, we point them to the PERSONAL PUPIL TARGETS (PPTs) - practising these will help their child make accelerated progress as these are personalised goals / targets set by the teachre and child together. Our PPTs also include a traget to practice for LEARNING POWER. Please see the LEARNING POWER page under the INFORMATION tab for more details.

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