Senior Leadership and Important Contacts
  • Mr Stuart Porter

    Executive Head Teacher

  • Miss D McInnes

    Head Teacher

  • Miss S Stather


  • Mrs A Irvine

    School Business Manager

  • Mrs A Fitzsimmons

    Sycamore Class Teacher (Y3/4)

  • Mrs C Walker

    Assistant Head & Juniper Class Teacher (Y5/6)

  • Mrs C Wilson

    Ash Class Teacher (R/Y1)

  • Mrs L Howard

    Owl Class Teacher (Y5)

  • Miss M Markham

    Pine Class Teacher (Y1/2)

Teaching and Lunchtime Assistants
  • Mrs K Hornsey

    Teaching Assistant & Breakfast Club Leader

  • Mrs J Lewis

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs J Coleman-Waddington

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs L Rogers

    Teaching Assistant, Breakfast Club Assistant & Lunchtime Assistant

  • Mrs K Connors

    Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Assistant

  • Miss M Turner

    Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Assistant

  • Mrs H Bracewell

    Lunchtime Assistant and Breakfast Club Assistant

  • Mrs N Case

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss A Walsh

    Teaching Assistant

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