St John's WAYS

Our curriculum is driven by the aspects we feel our children need to develop that are bespoke to St John’s. 

Diligence:  We want our children to develop a careful persistent work ethic.

Wider Horizons:  We want our children to grow their individual social capital as well as ensuring they have experience beyond the school walls.

Citizenship:  We want our children to develop personally, socially and morally and be ready for the modern world in which they will live.

Love of language:  We want our children to build their cultural capital across all areas of the curriculum and wider life.  

St John's Ways:  These are our values - the way we live out our lives.  We want our children to develop; Respect, Trust, Justice, Love & Friendship, Hope & Health (physical & mental). 


St John’s Primary School is a wonderful place to begin a life-long journey of learning and education and everyone in our school truly appreciates that; as our school council perfectly put it:


‘We are proud of our school and we are proud of each other.’