Reading Scheme


Here at St John's we love reading! We have a broad and engaging reading scheme. The pupils take home books that are banded using a national colour-banding system. This is comprised of a mixture of Oxford Reading Tree, Storyworld and ‘real’ books, which encourage a wider reading experience and include non-fiction texts. Children are also encouraged to borrow a book from our extensive library collection to promote enthusiasm and independent reading both in school and at home. But we also encourage children to read books from home and from the local library. We have daily ERIC time (Everyone Reads In Class) and have weekly Guided Reading and Comprehension sessions. There are also colour-banded Guided Reading book sets for all levels across the school, which are banded in line with our reading scheme.

We encourage parents to read with their child on a daily basis if home-life permits, but if life is just to busy then for a minimum of 3x per week.

For those children who require additional reading support we provide a nationally acclaimed reading intervention programme of support on a 1:1 basis.

We hold an annual book week to encourage children to get 'deeper into their love of books'.

Finally we operate a Reading Olympiad Reward scheme for children to earn Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Reading Olympiad Certificates based on their reading at home.
Below are some useful documents that are available for you to help your child with reading: