Potter (Year 2)

Welcome to Potter Class!
Teacher: Miss Markham
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hay
Another fabulous week with lots of hard work and fun all at the same time!
Homework went out this week and as always, needs returning by Wednesday please.
Just a quick reminder to keep signing children's link logs and bookmarks even if they have read to themselves at home - it still counts towards their reward at the end of term and we don't want anyone missing out!
Please keep checking back on our webpage to see what we have been learning in class each week. If you have any questions, please catch me after school at the gate or drop me an email: potter@st-johns-warminster.wilts.sch.uk
What we have been getting up to this week...
In Potter class, we start the day with dough disco. Dough disco helps us to exercise our hands and fingers, getting them ready to use and support tidy, controlled handwriting.
English (Writing)
We are writing a non-fiction text based on 'Meerkat Christmas'. For this, we will be writing postcards. Following this, we will be writing a fiction text based on 'The Train Ride' so start having a think about all the adventures you could go on by train!
We have a 20 minute SPAG session which will focus on a wide range of aspects in writing, from basic punctuation to tenses and spelling rules. Phonics will still play a part, particularly with spelling and those that require it, will still get a quick phonics recap each day.
As always, it is essential that every child reads every day. The focus in reading is on fluency. This means your child will now be bringing home a book that they can read to you fluently without overly segmenting and blending. Please ensure that you read this book with your child at least 3 times, encouraging and supporting expression and understanding of the text.
Multiplication and division will be the priority focus this term but it is still crucial that all children are confident in counting to 100 and back again and can recall basic number facts fluently, (e.g. 5 + 3 = 8 / 8 - 5 = 3 etc). If this is something you could do at home regularly, it would really help to embed the number system and support their learning in addition and subtraction.
Additionally, as we have just learnt about money, (identifying denominations, making amounts, calculating totals and finding change) it would be great if children could practice this in real life if they visit a shop or even at home with toy money if possible!
Have a look on here for some fun games to play:
Potter class will be learning all about seaside holidays in the 1950s/1960s. We will learn about what holidays were like in these decades, how they changed and how they shaped our holidays today. It would be great if children were able to talk to grandparents or neighbours about their holidays to start their learning journey with this.
This term, we are learning about materials. We will identify and name as many materials as we can, ensure that we can distinguish between an object and the materials from which it is made and find examples of such materials in as many places as possible! We will also explore powders and liquids as materials.
It's all about vehicles this term! We will look at toy vehicles to begin with before designing our own to make. Potter class will learn to use a variety of materials and tools to make their vehicles by following their design closely. Following this, we'll all get a chance to play with them!
The big question this term is, "Does praying at regular intervals help a Muslim in their everyday like?" To support this at home, you could read about the Muslim faith and how children show commitment to their religion.
...in the event of self isolation
What we have been getting up to this term...