Potter (Year 2)

Welcome to Potter Class!
Teacher: Miss Markham
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hay
A huge, warm welcome back to you all! It was a pleasure to have all of the children back and looking so fresh and happy! We also welcome four new members to the class although they have already spent some time with us over the last year so perhaps not so 'new'!
As you may have noticed, we are now Potter Class; named after the fabulous author, Beatrix Potter. We will ensure that the beautiful works of Beatrix Potter are read to the children over the year and also look at the wider achievements including her contributions to the National Trust.
In Potter class, we start the day with dough disco and handwriting. Dough disco helps us to exercise our hands and fingers, getting them ready to use and support tidy, controlled handwriting.
English (Writing)
We are currently writing a fiction text based on 'The Queen's Hat'. The Royal family and London landmarks will be looked at along the way so if you would like to look at these things at home, please bring in some research to share with the class!
We have a 20 minute phonics session - we will recap what we have learnt in Phase 4 and 5 so far before continuing further. We will play lots of games to practice and make sure we know them so that it helps us read well and support our spelling.
As always, it is essential that every child reads every day. The focus in reading is on fluency. This means your child will now be bringing home a book that they can read to you fluently without overly segmenting and blending. Please ensure that you read this book with your child at least 3 times, encouraging and supporting expression and understanding of the text.
Number and Place Value will be the priority focus to start with but it is crucial that all children are confident in counting to 100 and back again. If this is something you could do at home regularly, it would really help to embed the number system and support their knowledge of place value.
Have a look on here for some fun games to play:
Potter class will be learning all about Bonfire Night and The Great Fire of London at the start of this term. Again, if you would like to research this at home, it would be great for the children to share in class and help us all learn even more!
This term, we are learning about plants. We will explore seeds and bulbs, how they grow and what they need for healthy, successful growth.
It's all about sewing this term! We will be making teddy bears so if you can support your chid at home with some additional sewing practice, it would be hugely beneficial! This may be helping them to thread a needle, tie a knot or even learn some basic stitches such as a running stitch.
The big question this term is, "Is it always possible to be kind to everyone all of the time?" To support this at home, you could read stories together with a theme of kindness. These may be stories from the bible or any of the huge range of fiction books available with kindness portrayed throughout the plot.
...in the event of self isolation