Potter (Year 2)

Welcome to Potter Class


Potter Class


Teacher: Miss Markham

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hay


Class email: potter@st-johns-warminster.wilts.sch.uk

 Or send a message through Classdojo.



Please check your child's bag daily. 

A Link Book

Reading books 

A homework exercise book

Encourage your child to help you check they have got all they need in their book bags. This will help them to gain independence.


Homework is sent out on a Friday needs to be returned the following Wednesday.

Please check your child's book bag for homework.


Homework includes:

Daily Reading (at least 5 times a week)

Maths Passport  (Please can you ensure the Maths passport is kept with the homework book.)

Phonics or writing task


Reading at Home

Your child needs to read at home every day. They will need to record their own reading each time. Please sign each read in their Reading Journal and on their special reading bookmark so that they can be in with the chance of this term's reward - extra playtime and a slice of delicious cake. 


Term 6


Please see Classdojo for daily news and photographs.

Please find below the topic map for the Summer Term - Term 6

As we enter the final term, we have lots more to look forward to. From the dance festival and a whole school adventure day to sports day and our 150th birthday celebrations, there is much more to pack in before we can put our feet up and rest! Keep an eye out on ClassDojo for updates on what we are getting up to.

Just a quick reminder to keep signing children's link logs and bookmarks even if they have read to themselves at home - it still counts towards their reward at the end of term and we don't want anyone missing out!

If you have any questions, please do get in contact.

Our days in Potter Class:
We have a 20 minute SPAG session to start the day which will focus on a wide range of aspects in writing, from basic punctuation to tenses and spelling rules. Phonics will still play a part, particularly with spelling and those that require it, will still get a quick phonics recap each day.
English (Writing)
We are writing a fiction text based on the animation, 'Song of the Sea'. We will then have a go at poetry based on the poem, 'Desk Fiddler'.
As always, it is essential that every child reads every day. The focus in reading is on fluency. This means your child will now be bringing home a book that they can read to you fluently without overly segmenting and blending. Please ensure that you read this book with your child at least 3 times, encouraging and supporting expression and understanding of the text.
Many areas will be covered this term including shape and measurement (length/height, capacity, mass, temperature and time), position and direction, and consistent consolidation of the four operations and fractions.
Have a look on here for some fun games to play:
Potter class will be learning all about the wonders of the world. This will range from the ancient wonders to modern day ones and considering what makes this world a wonderful place.
This term, we are learning about habitats. We will explore various habitats around the world and what makes them suitable for the animal they shelter.
It's all about sculpture this term! Look out for a new candle holder to adorn your home...
The big question this term is, "Does completing Hajj make a Muslim a better person?"