At St John's we teach mathematics so that all pupils develop their understanding and skills across the mathematics curriculum. Mathematics is taught in a structured way following the 2014 National Curriculum. Throughout their time at St John's, children will have the opportunity to explore the mathematics curriculum using a range of resources and methods. All learning is put into a real-life context where possible to help them understand the role of mathematics in the world around them.

Mathematical language is introduced and encouraged from the beginning of their learning to support their understanding and to help them discuss their own learning. Children are encouraged to talk about their learning in full sentences to consolidate their understanding and that of the children around them.

Times tables and mental arithmetic skills are a vital part to the mathematics curriculum and are a focus throughout the school. We subscribe to Times Tables Rockstars. This forms children's Maths homework weekly and children regularly take part in in-school competitions.


Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract



Children at St John's experience new concepts in Maths in a variety of ways often using concrete objects, drawings and pictures as well as symbols to explore and reinforce learning. We have a good range of resources in each classroom to support the children’s learning. Children have access to these resources at any point and are encouraged to use them.

Each class has access to number lines, Numicon, Diennes, arrow cards, cubes, counters, dice, hundred squares, bead strings, place value grids and can even be found to be using resources like playdough to help children explore number in a visual and tactile way.


By experiencing a wide range of problems in real life contexts, it helps to give purpose to the children’s learning. We often use investigations, role play and word problems in each class so that the children can Master the key learning for their year group.