Please find here within a detailed description of your child’s homework expectations.  If you have any further questions please do get in touch with your class teacher.


Daily Reading

At St John’s we expect children to read at home daily and for an adult to sign their reading record as well as book mark to confirm they have done so. 

Bond (Reception & Year 1), Potter (Year 2) & Butterworth (Year 3)

We will send home 2 books. 

Book 1:

This will be your child’s banded reading book.  This book is the book your child is expected to read to you daily.  These books are chosen so that your child can read them fluently at home (perhaps one word per page that is difficult for them that needs decoding).  Please do not expect your child to read the whole book in a night – it may look short to you but to them it is a novel!  A few pages is fine, unless they want to keep reading of course!  

Book 2:

This book is for you to read to your child.  It is important that reading is modelled to children at home and we build a love of reading.  These books will be chosen by your child because they want to read them with you at home!  Great for bedtime story.

Butterworth (Year 4) & Dahl (Year 5 & 6)

Your child/ren will bring home one book.  It would be fantastic if you are still able to listen to your child/ren read and even read some of their book to them – perhaps take turns per page.  However, your child/ren should begin to be responsible readers at this stage and record into their link book (reading records) themselves.  We do ask that you still initial on the same day – and on their bookmark to agree that they have read.


Maths Passports

Each child has a Maths Passport.  This is the first in a series of passports that the children will work on throughout their years at St John’s.  Please work through the passport with your child, many parents find it works best to spend a couple of minutes each day before or after sharing a book together.  When you feel that your child can do each of the tasks on the passport please sign the relevant box.  Once your child’s class teacher or teaching assistant agree that the passport is complete, the passport will be taken to Miss McInnes who will confirm the child can do all the required tasks, and will give them the next passport. 


Class Specific Homework:

Below is an outline of homework you should expect your child to complete each week.  Those children who come to our after school care club until 5pm will have this done with a member of staff at school.  We have high expectations at St John’s so please do remind your children of these.  Writing is to be done in pencil unless they are in Dhal class where a blue handwriting pen can be used – we are happy to supply one if needed.  Neat handwriting and correct number/letter formation is a requirement.


If you have a child who cannot get enough of homework then please do speak to your class teacher about other challenges you can do with them.  However, remember that they have worked VERY hard at school and need a balance of down time at home.


Bond (Reception & Year 1)

Daily reading, Maths Passport & Phonics or a Writing task

Potter (Year 2)

Daily reading, Maths Passport, Phonics or a Writing task

Butterworth (Year 3 & Year 4)

Daily reading, Maths Passport, Times Tables on Times Tables Rock Stars (ttrockstars.com) if you have access at home otherwise a written sheet can be provided & alternate week writing/comprehension task

Dahl (Year 5 and Year 6)

Daily reading, Maths Passport, Times Tables on Times Tables Rock Stars (ttrockstars.com) if you have access at home otherwise a written sheet can be provided, writing task & comprehension


 There are numerous rewards for reading EVERY night at home (at least 5 times a week) and getting their reading recorded signed by an adult daily.  These include:


Book mark scheme: where children earn stickers and can receive a 'prize' from the Head Teacher upon completion.


Treat & Play: if a child reads at home every day each term they are rewarded with a treat (voted on by the children) and an extra playtime with Ms McInnes. 


Book Box:  children in each Key Stage that read the most every term go into a draw to win a new book, activities and a prize.