All children are expected to read at home each and every night.

We encourage parents not to see this as Homework - but rather as a privilege and a necessity to share with their children.

We are also part of a Reading Patron Scheme and are working with a local author - Julia Edwards.  She is encouraging children to enjoy reading and see the link between how reading supports writing. 

We encourage children to become responsible readers.  Ensuring they take responsibility to read to an adult each night.  This can take place at any point, while you are making dinner or getting packed lunches ready.  All they will ask of you is that you listen, chat about what they are reading and sign their bookmark.  KS2 children can record in their reading record book themselves.  


 There are numerous rewards for reading EVERY night at home and getting their reading recorded signed by an adult daily.  These include:


Book mark scheme: where children earn stickers and can receive a 'prize' from the Head Teacher upon completion.


Cake & Play: if a child reads at home every day each term they are rewarded with a piece of cake and an extra playtime with Ms McInnes. 


Book Box:  children in each Key Stage that read the most every term go into a draw to win a new book, activities and a prize.  



In Reception (EYFS) we also will send out individually child specific phonics homework.  This will support their areas of development in school. Children will receive 5 phonemes to practice that the children are working on in class that week.  We encourage them to do one phoneme sheet an evening. 

Children are encouraged to work through their Math's Passports as well at home.  Once the passports are completed they come to the Head Teacher for a certificate and special award.  


 KS1 and KS2


Year 1: spellings are linked to their phonics and children learn these through playing on Spelling shed online.

Year 2 - Year 6: every child will have a list of spellings to learn each week.  They will consist of spelling rules and words that they are expected to know according to the National Curriculum.  Children are asked to put each spelling word into a sentence.  

Where a child has SEND or a spelling provision in place your child will work on these spellings.

Where a child is gifted in spelling and can spell all the expected words then they will take their spellings from ambitious vocabulary found in their reading books.  


MATHS: In KS1 and KS2 children are expected to spend a minimum of 30 minutes a week on Times Tables Rock Stars (https://ttrockstars.com/).

They also have Math's passports which they work through.  Parents are asked to sign each target off as they are achieved and when their child can successfully demonstrate the ability to complete and explain their working for each target.  They will then be checked in class.  Once they are successful here they go to Ms McInnes to prove their knowledge and are rewarded with a sticker and certificate. 


COMPREHENSION: In Year 5 & 6 children are issued a weekly Comprehension Home Learning Booklet from the publisher CGP. The comprehension texts and questions get increasingly more challenging.