Values and Vision


Together we grow stronger - in our hopes, hearts and mind: so that we may ‘soar on wings like eagles, run and not grow weary, walk and not be faint’. (Isaiah 40:31)

Our mission is to create an inspirational learning environment underpinned by the Christian Faith so that everyone can become the best they can be be as happy as they can be and be as ready for their future as they can be, as together we:

Strive for success, learning to love our challenges

Trust and keep each other safe

Joyfully build memories out of moments

Offer opportunities for all to blossom as unique and special

Help and understand each other

Nurture and develop skills, courage and creativity

Stand united in hope to transform all that we can.

VALUES– we call this our WAYS

Together we grow stronger – in our hopes, hearts and minds: with

RESPECT: as we respect everyone equally, caring for all of creation

TRUST: as we trust in God and become trustworthy global citizens

JUSTICE: as we are just champions of fairness, forgiveness and equality

LOVE & FRIENDSHIP: as we nurture rewarding and enduring friendships, as we are gentle and loving to one another and have a love of learning
HOPE: as we challenge ourselves to be the best we can be

HEALTH: as we make safe and sensible choices, mindful of our happiness.
St John’s shared definition of Spirituality

St John’s School defines spirituality as growing stronger together by looking within and beyond ourselves to embrace and transform all our futures.