Curriculum Information

The Reception Year Curriculum

St John's follows the guidance in the National Curriculum for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) called 'DEVELOPMENT MATTERS'.

Click HERE to follow a link to the guidance material relating to EYFS.
The National Curriculum 2014 for Year 1 to Year 6

St John's Primary School follows the guidelines for the statutory National Curriculum 2014 to ensure that children reach AGE RELATED EXPECTATIONS. We teach some subjects discreetly, such as Maths, RE, PE, MFL (French), Music, PSHE, Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling. However, we aim to teach all other subjects through a 'Topic' based cross-curricula approach. Where possible, we try to make connections between discreet subjects and the class Topic.

Rising Stars have produced very useful guidelines for parents regarding the National Curriculum 2014. This has been produced to cover each specific year group. Follow the link below to find the webpage to download this useful guidance:

However, St John's Primary School has mixed age classes and so inevitably (as it points out in the Rising Stars guidance) we have produced our own Curriculum Maps as seen on the Curriculum Maps and Documents page. In delivering the Topic based approach to Curriculum 2014 we create our own Yearly Cycle based on the use of a range of resources. We always look to find the best possible resources for supporting the teaching and learning of the National Curriculum.

MATHS = we follow THE WHITE ROSE map for Maths. But we enhance this with resources from a variety of places

For developing comprehension in KS1 we use individual 1:1 reading resources from our reading scheme, Read-Write-Inc texts and Reading Explorers, and in KS2 we use BUG CLUB COMPREHENSION

SCIENCE = we adapt a resource called SCIENCE BUG
KS1 PHONICS = we adapt a resource called LETTERS AND SOUNDS and PHONICS PLAY
COMPUTING = we currently identify a range of resources and are in the process of creating our own progression sheet
MUSIC = we adapt a resource called MUSIC EXPRESS
RE = we adapt a resource called RE DISCOVERY and UNDERSTANDING CHRISTIANITY following the recommendations of Church House for the Wiltshire Agreed Syllabus for RE
ART / HISTORY / GEOGRAPHY / DT = we adapt our own range of resources through our TOPIC BASED APPROACH to ensure cross-curricular links are maximised whilst covering the National Curriculum
PSHE = we adapt a resource called JIGSAW PSHE which links to spirituality and mindfulness
PE = we adapt a range of resources through Acorn Sports Coaches, Springboard Gymnastics Unit in Warminster, Warminster Swimming Pool ASA Curriculum, and Jump Start Johnny to provide a wide-ranging provision for the National Curriculum
British Values
Preparation for and appreciation of life in modern Britain

Here at St John's Primary we believe that we help prepare our children for and develop an appreciation of life in modern Britain. We promote:
  • Democracy - through our School Council and Class Councils, Acts of Collective Worship, Circle Time, and our PSHE curriculum.
  • The Rule of Law - through our Golden Rules, Acts of Collective Worship, PE curriculum, our behaviour management systems, visitors to the school (such as Police, Fire Brigade, etc), Circle Time and our PSHE curriculum.
  • Individual Liberty - through our PSHE curriculum, RE curriculum and across the Curriculum as a whole where we encourage individual expression.
Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs - through School Council and Class Councils, Acts of Collective Worship, our behaviour management systems, Circle Time, PSHE curriculum, RE curriculum, and across the whole curriculum.
Interventions and Special Needs
Here at St John's we apply a range of additional assessment strategies when supporting children with their learning that is behind Age related Expectations and for those children with Special Educational Needs. many of these strategies are devised in line with advice from outside support agencies.